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LANGUAGE AND AUDITORY PROCESSING TOLL-FREE Telephone Orders: (888) 758-9558 27 Easy Stories for Language Patty R. Schuchardt Ages 3 through 8 The stories and activities in this book are designed for children who experience difficulty answering simple questions, focusing attention, or describing a series of events. Stories relating to situations such as going on a picnic, brushing teeth, and riding a train are included. Each story is between 50 and 100 words in length. Easy Stories for Language #40693-C23 Printed Book $31.00 #40693CD-C23 Complete Book on CD $31.00 #40693BCD-C23 Book and CD $46.00 Janet A Miles Ages 2.5 through 5 Teachers and parents can work to stimulate language development using these reproducible worksheet activities. Each lesson includes a story, an illustration, and questions to ask the child. The stories are approximately 50 words in length. The questions can be asked during the presentation of the story or following completion of the story. These questions target specific concepts and language structures. #40084-C23 Easy Questions $27.00 Easy Questions for Young Listeners Student:_______________________________ Date:_____________ Copyright © 1996 by Academic Communication Associates. This page may be reproduced. Activity 1 Birthday Balloons Danny is blowing up balloons. What is Danny doing? The balloons are for a party. What are the balloons for? It is Danny’s birthday. Whose birthday is it? Danny will give a balloon to each of his friends. Whatwill Danny do with the balloons? Language ExpansionActivities 1. Danny is a little boy. Are you little or big? 2. Would you like to color Danny’s clothes? Can you name what he is wearing? 3. His balloons are all different colors. Look at the balloon he is holding. Color it yellow. 4. The balloons are round. They make a circle. Can you trace one of the balloons with your crayon before you color it? 5. Can you make one balloon redandanother one blue? 6. Can you count the balloons on the ground? Now count the balloons in the air. How many balloons do you see? 6 Language FUNtastics for Vocabulary Ages 3 through 10 Here is a collection of practical worksheet activities that you can use to build knowledge of basic vocabulary as children label pictures, describe characteristics of nouns, categorize words, make comparisons, and use vocabulary for specific purposes. Suggestions are included for using the worksheets in conjunction with household objects and picture cards. The book also includes reproducible gameboards. Language Funtastics #48010-C23 Printed Book $24.00 #48010CD-C23 Complete Book on CD $24.00 #48010BCD-C23 Book and CD $39.00 © 2006 Academic Communication Associates, Inc. 87 Language Funtastics for Vocabulary Instructions: Each item includes a description of an item. The student’s task is to identify the item being described. 1. I am an insect. I have a stinger. What am I? _________________ 2. I am an animal. Milk comes from me. What am I? _________________ 3. I am a type of furniture. You sit on me. What am I? _________________ 4. I am an animal. I have a long trunk. What am I? _________________ 5. I am a type of clothing. You put me on before putting on your shoes. What am I? _________________ 6. I am a long, yellow fruit. I have a peel. What am I? _________________ 7. I am an appliance. I keep food cold. What am I? _________________ 8. I am a type of transportation. I travel in the ocean. What am I? _________________ 9. I am an animal. I have wings and live in a nest. What am I? _________________ 10. I am a shape. I look like a ball. What am I? _________________ 11. I am a tool. I can cut wood. What am I? _________________ 12. I am a type of clothing. You wear me on your head. What am I? _________________ 13. I am a type of transportation. I ride on a track. What am I? _________________ 14. I am a cold food that comes in a cone. What am I? _________________ 15. I am an appliance. You can cook an egg on me. What am I? _________________ Name:________________________________ Worksheet 6A Activity 6 Guess the Word © 2006 Academic Communication Associates, Inc. 64 Language Funtastics for Vocabulary Household Helpers Instructions: Color the electrical appliances. Name each appliance and talk about how you would use it at home. Name:________________________________ Worksheet 9C