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LANGUAGE AND AUDITORY PROCESSING TOLL-FREE Telephone Orders: (888) 758-9558 19 Situation Communication Game Patty R. Schuchardt Ages 8 through 15 The activities in this game build effective pragmatic communication and social interaction skills as students ask questions, react to inappropriate statements, identify problems in social interactions, evaluate viewpoints, and use language to solve problems. The game includes a hardback game board, four sets of playing cards, a spinner, and playing instructions. The book Situation Communication is NOT required for use of the game. #499962-C23 Situation Communication Game $36.00 SITuation COMmunication Patty R. Schuchardt Ages 8 through 15 The activities in this book help children develop effective strategies for solving problems and for interacting with others in various social situations. Problem situations are presented in short stories that can be read by the student or by the teacher. Each story is followed by questions relating to the problem situation. The activity worksheets may be reproduced as often as necessary. Skills emphasized include expressing feelings and viewpoints, reacting to criticism, asking appropriate questions, knowing when to speak, identifying appropriate and inappropriate ways of interacting, using socially appropriate language, expressing criticism without being rude, and more! Situation Communication #48251-C23 Printed Book $37.00 #48251CD-C23 Complete Book on CD $37.00 #48251BCD-C23 Book and CD $52.00 Second Edition Photo FUNtastic Language Cards Here is a collection of 379 language picture cards developed specifically for use in language development programs. Household items, appliances, office items, tools, clothing, food, furniture, animals, transportation vehicles, and other essential vocabulary items are included. Distracting backgrounds have been removed to make these pictures suitable for students who have difficulty processing visual information. Children with autism, developmental disabilities, and AAC needs respond well to the pictures in this set. Picture size is approximately 3.5" x 5." Regular price: $139.00 #40017-C23 Photo FUNtastic Language Cards $89.00 Published by ACA and printed in the USA SPECIAL SAVE $50.00 Excellent for students with autism