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Only $12 Printed in USA LANGUAGE AND AUDITORY PROCESSING TOLL-FREE Telephone Orders: (888) 758-9558 15 StoryBlasters Second Edition Illustrated by Tom Matthews Ages 7 through 17 Use the creative illustrations and story starters in this book to help students develop storytelling skills and improve oral expression. A story starter relating to the action depicted in an illustration is first presented and the student’s task is to tell the rest of the story. The humorous 8.5" by 11" illustrations are great for eliciting stories from students who need high-interest materials. Reproducible worksheets for recording students’ responses are included. Story Blasters #48101-C23 Printed Book $37.00 #48101CD-C23 Complete Book on CD $37.00 #48101BCD-C23 Book and CD $52.00 StoryBlaster Picture Cards Created by Academic Communication Associates Ages 7 through 17 Watch students blast off into original stories with the 52 picture cards in this set. Each card can be used to stimulate production of an original story. Students are asked to select a card and to tell a story about the action shown. Suggested story starters are included. All picture cards published by ACA are printed in the USA. #48102-C23 Story Blaster Picture Cards $12.00 Think, Compare, and Explain Ages 5 through 14 Help students develop thinking skills as they make comparisons and give explanations. Students are asked to explain events, activities, problems, absurdities, and much, much more. Full-color picture scenes and an instructional activity manual are included. #4805-C23 Think, Compare, and Explain $46.50