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AcademicÊ CommunicationÊ Associates,Ê Inc.Ê 12 LANGUAGE AND AUDITORY PROCESSING Expressive Language and Vocabulary Intervention Sourcebook (ELVIS) Ages 10 through Adult ELVIS is a practical 200-page volume that you can use to build vocabulary and expressive language skills as students participate in activities relevant to success within the classroom curriculum. The book targets essential words such as transition, relevant, prevalent, and rational —words commonly used in newspapers, classroom reading materials, and worksheet assignments. ELVIS includes the strategies and materials that you need to plan and implement individualized intervention programs. Key Features of ELVIS • Research-based strategies for building vocabulary • Activities that target skills commonly emphasized within school curriculum standards • Vocabulary lists with words that are essential for success in the classroom literacy curriculum • Reproducible assessment checklists • Ready-to use, reproducible vocabulary lessons ELVIS helps students develop word consciousness, knowledge of word relationships, and skill in using context to identify word meanings. The activities also build knowledge of multiple meaning words, semantically related words, idioms, and the structural elements of words (e.g., prefixes). The book includes the Essential Vocabulary for School Success, a list of curriculum relevant words that are important for special needs students to learn. The book ELVIS is available NOW! also includes lists of work-related words, descriptive words, idiomatic expressions, multiple meaning words, and MORE! A CD edition with the complete book is available. ELVIS #46661-C23 Printed Book $38.00 #46661CD-C23 Complete Book on CD $38.00 #46661BCD-C23 Book and CD $53.00 abandon abbreviate accommodate accrue accumulate acknowledge adapt address admit advocate affect alienate alleviate allocate allot allude alter annotate anticipate apply appreciate apprehend arrange articulate assemble assert assess assimilate associate assume attain attest attribute automate calculate captivate challenge cite claim clarify coincide collaborate commemorate commence compensate compile complement compose conceive conclude condemn condone conduct confine confirm confiscate conform confront connote consider consist constrain constrict consult contend contradict contrast convert convey coordinate correlate correspond criticize culminate debate decipher decline deduce List 8 Essential Words for School Success Part 1 - Verbs 102 © 2011 Academic Communication Associates, Inc. Expressive Language and Vocabulary Intervention Sourcebook 115 © 2011 Academic Communication Associates, Inc. Expressive Language and Vocabulary Intervention Sourcebook Instructions: Define each underlined word below as it is used in the sentence. Then use the underlined word in a sentence of your own. 1. The police were able to verify that Cindy told the truth. Definition: _______________________________________________________ Sentence: _______________________________________________________ 2. The business will make a transition to a new computer system. Definition: _______________________________________________________ Sentence: _______________________________________________________ 3. It is quite obvious that Maria wants to get a new job. Definition: _______________________________________________________ Sentence: _______________________________________________________ 4. The jury reached a unanimous decision that the man was innocent. Definition: _______________________________________________________ Sentence: _______________________________________________________ 5. Lupe was asked to give a summary of everything that happened. Definition: _______________________________________________________ Sentence: _______________________________________________________ 6. You need to distribute a copy of the article to every student. Definition: _______________________________________________________ Sentence: _______________________________________________________ 7. Darvin seemed to alienate everyone with his mean comments and had few friends. Definition: _______________________________________________________ Sentence: _______________________________________________________ 8. We need to abandon the building because it is dangerous. Definition: _______________________________________________________ Sentence: _______________________________________________________ Student:__________________________ Date: ___________ Activity 6-1G Defining Words in Sentence Contexts _ t e Student:__________________________ Date: ___________ Activity 8-2B Defining and Using Expressions Instructions: Give the meaning of the underlined expression in each sentence. Then replace the expr ssi n with other wo ds in a sente ce that s the same meaning. 1. Our need for a new policy is as plain as day. M aning: ______ Revision: _______________________________________________________ ____ ___________ ______ 2. Andrea was wet behind the ears when she started the new job, so Tom showed her what she needed to do. Meaning: _______________________________________________________ Revision: _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ 3. Ezra arrived late when we had a deadline and finished the work by the skin of his teeth. Meaning: _______________________________________________________ Revision: _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ 4. Try to keep your chin up because you will do better if you practice hard. Meaning: _______________________________________________________ Revision: _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ 5. Alicia will get on my nerves if she talks too much when I am playing golf. Meaning: _______________________________________________________ Revision: _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ 6. Randy is two-faced and will pretend to be nice when he wants a favor from you. Meaning: _______________________________________________________ Revision: _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ 153 © 2011 Academic Communication Associates, Inc. Expressive Language and Vocabulary Intervention Sourcebook Classroom Language Activities for Special Students (CLASS) Mary L. Stayner Primary Level: Ages 5 through 8 Intermediate Level: Ages 9 through 13 Build language skills as children learn about their community, environment, animals, plants, natural resources, and other topics. The two books in this series help children with language and learning disabilities improve vocabulary, sequencing, and other important language skills. Each activity targets specific language skills as children learn information emphasized within the curriculum. Subject matter from science, math, social studies, and the language arts is used. #49968-C23 Primary CLASS $34.00 #49969-C23 Intermediate CLASS $34.00 Teach skills relevant to CORE CURRICULUM STANDARDS