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Obituary for Lillian C. Mattes 1924-2013

Lillian Carol Mattes, a longtime resident of Oceanside, California passed away on November 4, 2013 at the age of 89. She is survived by three children, Larry Mattes, Joan Hudson, and Fred Mattes, and by her grandson, Aaron Hudson. Lillian was born in New York but lived most of her life in California. She graduated from college in her 40's while raising her three children. Lillian worked as a secretary, real estate agent, and in various other job positions, but she will be best remembered as a writer and as a person who cared deeply about other people.

During her lifetime, Lillian wrote articles for various magazines and was also working on a book related to the Holocaust. While living in Oceanside, California, Lillian was the seniors column editor for the North County Entertainer. She often expressed her thoughts in letters to newspapers and won an award for one of these letters.
Lillian was a strong supporter of equality for people of all races and religions. During the period when African Americans were asked to sit in the back of the bus, she showed her concern by sitting in the back of the bus with them. Lillian was always writing - some writings were published and some were unpublished, but all of her writings are left behind as memories of a mother and grandmother who cared deeply about other people and about the world around her. She knew that she would not live forever, but she knew that her memories would. Lillian created short articles with her thoughts on just about every topic imaginable.
Lillian Mattes will be missed by everyone who had the opportunity to know her. Even when she was ill and getting medical treatment, she maintained her sense of humor about life and its many complications. Lillian will also be missed by Stripey, her pet cat and faithful companion.

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