Tratamiento de los Trastornos de la Articulacion y el Lenguaje


Treatment of Articulation Disorders -
Tratamiento de los Trastornos de Articulación

  • Teaching Spanish Speech Sounds is a book that can be used to treat articulation disorders in children from Spanish language backgrounds. It includes reproducible worksheets for each sound. The worksheet focus on teaching the sound in words and sentences. Pictures are included for sounds that are commonly misarticulated.

Treatment of Language Disorders - Tratamiento de los Trastornos del Lenguaje

  • Bilingual Speech and Language Intervention Resource is a book that includes lists and other resources in English and Spanish.

Assessment - Diagnostico

  • Spanish Articulation Measures is an instrument that can be used to assess the production of Spanish speech sound and use of phonological processes.
  • Spanish Articulation Picture Resource is a book that includes pictures of words for individual speech sounds.


Academic Communication Associates tiene libros para el tratamiento de los trastornos de la articulacion, el lenguaje, y la voz

Academic Communication Associates has books for treating disorders of articulation, language, and voice.

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