Thinking: Publications for Verbal Reasoning / Language Disorders


Popular publications for thinking and verbal reasoning skills often used with individuals who have communication disorders are listed below. Publications for thinking  target problem-solving, general verbal reasoning, making comparisons, analyzing information, making inferences, giving explanations, and other skills.  

  • Think, Compare, and Explain
  • Building Language Processing Skills
  • Thinking Fun Games for Language
  • Workouts for Language and Thinking Skills
  • Problem-Solving with Harmon Hippo
  • Verbal Problem Solving in Social Situations
  • Workbook for Language and Cognitive Development
  • Problem Solving Situations for Children
  • Problem Solving Situations for Adolescents
  • Thinking Adventures for the Adolescent Language Curriculum
  • Cognitive Exercises for Language Intervention
  • Thinking Power
  • Adventures in Pragmatic Problem Solving
  • Building Expressive Language Skills

These products and a variety of others are included on the Academic Communication Associates website:



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