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The Test of Gross Motor Development (TGMD-2), developed by Ulrich, is a major revision of this popular norm-referenced assessment. The second edition of this norm-referenced measure of common gross motor skills can be used by kinesiologists, general and special educators, psychologists, and physical therapists. The TGMD-2 helps you identify children ages 3-0 through 10-11 who are significantly behind their peers in gross motor skill development.

The TGMD-2 is made up of 12 skills (six for each subtest):
  • Locomotor: run, gallop, hop, leap, horizontal jump, slide
  • Object Control: striking a stationary ball, stationary dribble, kick, catch, overhand throw, and underhand roll.
Detailed descriptions and illustrations of the gross motor skills and a simplified scoring system allow you to administer the TGMD-2 quickly and easily in 15 to 20 minutes. The TGMD-2 combines fun activities with a reliable and valid procedure that will give you meaningful results in identifying children with gross motor problems.
You receive the COMPLETE KIT when you order from us. The TGMD-2 Kit includes  the Manual and 50 Profile/Examiner Record Booklets in a sturdy storage box.
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