Picture Symbol Resources for Augmentative Communication (AAC) and Special Language Needs


Picture symbols are often used by individuals who are unable to use speech to communicate. A child with a severe disability, for example, can express the need for food (e.g., I want to eat) by pointing to a picture that shows eat. More linguistically advanced students can create sentences by combining a series of symbols. Symbols for I, want, and cake, for example, can be combined to create the sentence I want cake..

Many nonverbal individuals use communication boards to communicate. These boards may include symbols related to basic needs or specific everyday routines. Nonverbal individuals, for example, can use a "mealtime" communication board to order their favorite foods in a restaurant.

Several resources have been recently published by Academic Communication Associates that can be helpful in improving the communication skills of students who do not use speech effectively to communicate.

Bilingual Picture Symbol Communication Resource
Book of Picture Symbols for Everyday Communication
Communication Board Activities for Special Learners
Picture Symbol Language Activity Book
Picture Symbol Stories for Special Learners

Software programs using these symbols are also available. When software programs are used, communication boards can be created quickly for students with a variety of needs.

Click on the above products for more information. Other book and software products are available on the ACA website at acadcom.com



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