Paralyzed Sign Language Book Illustrator Draws with Pen between Teeth


Can you imagine being both deaf and paralyzed. These "disabilities" didn't stop James Harrall from becoming an excellent artist. James could not use his hands to draws so he learned to draw by placing the pen between his teeth

It's not easy to control the movements of a pen when it is  in  your mouth. James Harrall wanted to learn  to draw, so he did it with pen in mouth.

James illustrated a sign language book that is often used to teach basic sign language. The ABC's of Sign Language  focuses on basic signs used in American Sign Language. It also includes the sign language alphabet. The book is now available in a second edition that includes the words in both English and Spanish.

The excellent  illustrations completed by James Harrell are often used to teach sign language and to increase student's awareness that people can even overcome many of the problems caused by physical impairments!


The ABC's of Sign Language. Published by: Academic Communication Associates. P.O. Box 4279, Oceanside, CA 92052-4279  Product No: #49931  Price: $26.00

Article Source: ACA Special Education News (2006), Artcle 63-5 - Published by Academic Communication Associates, P.O. Box 4279, Oceanside, CA 92052-4279


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