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Individuals who have suffered strokes or head injuries often have difficulty retrieving vocabulary. They may be able to recall words in some situation but not in others. Sometimes they confuse related words such as "table" and "chair." It is important to provide these individuals with opportunities to practice using language as they talk about a variety of topics. Family members can play a key role in the intervention process. Consultation with a speech-language pathologist is recommended when implementing home programs. Each client is different and has different needs.

A book that is quite popular in home programs is The Expressive Language Rehabilitation Resource. This book includes a variety of topic-centered activities that can be used to facilitate word retrieval as clients listen, think, read, and write. The activities can be presented orally or clients can read them from reproducible worksheets with large print.

The book covers topics such as shopping, sporting events, medical information, occupations, items in the news, restaurants. and traveling. For each topic activities are presented of the following types:

  • Word Definitions - Client is asked to define vocabulary items such as "detergent," "dairy product," and "discount."
  • Functions - Client is asked to give the function of items such as "receipt" and "paper bag."
  • Phrase Completion - Client is asked to complete phrases such as "fork and _____."
  • Scrambled Sentences - Client is presented with words from a sentence in random order and must re-arrange those words to construct a sentence.
  • Story Completion -Client is presented with a short story starter and must complete the story.
  • Questions and Answers - Client is asked to respond to questions such as, "When is it better to pay cash than to write a check?"
  • Story Recall  - Client is asked to retell short stories and to answer several questions about each story.
  • Problem Solving - Client is asked to solve problems in response to questions such as "What would you do if you saw someone shoplifting?"
  • Number Concepts - Client is presented with tasks such as the following- "You want to buy breakfast cereal. It costs $3.50 but you have a coupon for 75 cents off. How much will the cereal cost."

All of the worksheets in the book can be reproduced so that they can be used over and over.  The practical, easy-to-use book is described in further detail at

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