IEP Goals and Objectives - Speech, Language, and Learning


Guidebook of Objectives and Activities for Language Skills


Here is a comprehensive resource that will help you select appropriate instructional objectives and plan instructional programs for school-age children with deficits in oral and written communication. The book will be especially useful in planning instructional programs for children with communication disorders. The book includes the following:

  • Skills checklists to facilitate the identification of specific targets for basic communication skills
  • Strategies for writing the IEP
  • Activity suggestions relating to specific IEP goals
  • Tips for developing IEP goals that are relevant to academic standards of the classroom curriculum
  • Comprehensive lists of IEP objectives for developing listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills
  • Many of the goals in this book have been selected based on a comprehensive review of state standards for instruction in the elementary school grades.

This practical resource is a must for speech-language pathologists and special education classroom teachers. Includes IEP goals for autism, developmental disabilities, vocabulary development, basic literacy skills, and MORE.

Price: $35.00

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