Communication Disorders and Language Usage in Bilingual, Multicultural Student Populations - Differences vs. Disorders


Distinguishing between language differences and language disorders is a challenge for speech-language pathologists and special education teachers.  Helpful information can be found in Multicultural Students with Special Language Needs by Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin. This book includes detailed information about the diverse cultural groups in our nation's schools and offers practical strategies for identifying and working with special needs populations. This book provides a wealth of information about languages, dialects, and cultural differences that need to be considered in assessment and program planning.

This book has been widely as a textbook in university training programs. It is also used as a resource by school districts throughout the United States. The book is now in its fourth ediiton and is available directly from the publisher, Academic Communication Associates. It can be ordered on the website or through the printed product catalog. Academic Communication Associates publishes over 250 products, including a variety of materials for bilingual, multicultural populations.

The 5th Edition is now available

Publication Year: 2018

Multicultural Students with Special Language Needs: Practical Strategies for Assessment and Intervention  Author: Dr. Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin


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