Bilingual Speech - Language Materials and Therapy Products

Academic Communication Associates, Inc.
P.O. Box 4279
Oceanside, CA 02-52-4279

Academic Communication Associates publishes a wide range of products designed to help bilingual / multicultural students with communication disorders and other special learning needs. Here is a partial listing:

  • Bilingual Speech and Language Intervention Resource
  • Assessing Asian Language Performance
  • Teaching Spanish Speech Sounds
  • Bilingual Speech, Language, and Hearing Dictionary
  • Spanish Language Assessment Procedures
  • Spanish Test for Assessing Morphologic Production
  • Talk About Stories in English and Spanish
  • Language Learning Everywhere We Go: English and Spanish
  • Multiculltural Students with Special Language Needs: Practical Strategies for Assessment and Intervention
  • Bilingual Communication Assessment Resource

Visit our online bookstore for more information about these products and others.

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