Articulation and Phonology Products


Academic Communication Associates offers a variety of products for articulation and phonology. Descriptions of a few of our  popular items are listed below. Reproducible worksheets are included that can be used in the classroom and at home.

  • Handbook of Consonant Speech Activities - This book includes reproducible lists of words and sentences for individual speech sounds. Lists are organized by word position. Great for home carryover.

  • Playing with Speech Sounds - This book includes reproducible game boards for individual speech sounds and phonological processes.

  • Language Activities and Stories for Phonological Intervention - This book includes high interest phonological intervention stories designed for use in preschool and kindergarten.

  • Teaching Spanish Speech Sounds - This book includes reproducible word and sentence lists and other resources for the Spanish speech sounds.

  • Speech Funtastics for the R Sound - Many speech remediation for the /r/ sound motivating and fun using the reproducible activities in this book.

  • Speech Game Gallery - Here is a collection of colorful game boards for individual speech sounds.

  • StoryBlasters for Articulation and Phonology - Give students practice using speech sounds as they tell interesting stories using the creative activities in this book.

  • Sourcebook of Materials for Articulation Therapy - This book includes reproducible pictures and high-interest activities for individual speech sounds.

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