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Academic Communication Associates publishes a variety of products for adolescents and adults who have language disorders resulting from head injury or stroke. Individuals who have suffered brain injury often experience word finding difficulties. Speech intelligibility is often affected by apraxia or dysarthria. Memory and general cognitive functioning are also affected. We offer a variety of products designed to facilitate recovery following brain injury. Several of our most popular books are listed below:

  • Word Retrieval Exercises for Adolescents and Adults
  • Practical Aphasia Remediation Kit
  • Expressive Language Rehabilitation Resource
  • Sourcebook of Apraxia Remediation Activities

The book My Walkabout: A Brain Injury Survivor's Story of Discovery and Hope is an excellent book for clients who are recovering from head injuries and their families.

Our products are used widely with individuals who have experienced brain damage from illnesses (e.g., stroke) or head injuries.

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