An Idiom Dictionary and MORE- Over 10,000 Expressions!


No idiom dictionary anywhere is more useful than The Expressionary. The expanded, second edition of this book includes definitions and sentence examples for over 10,000 expressions.Now over 500 pages in length, The Expressionary features expressions that are commonly encountered in the curriculum and in everyday conversations. Definitions are short and simple, making this an excellent resource for individuals learning English as a second language or students with language learning disabilities. ESL teachers, speech-language pathologists, LD Specialists, and second language learners will find this books to be practical and easy to use!

A major problem with most idiom dictionaries is that the definitions are often too complex for individuals who have limited proficiency in English. The Expressionary is designed so that it can be used by individuals with limited English skills or language learning disabilities. Commonly used expressions are included that you won't find in most idiom dictionaries. This comprehensive resource is filled with idiomatic expressions, proverbs, phrasal verbs (e.g., "single out"), collocations (e.g., "let out after"), and even foreign phrases that are commonly used in English.

The use of "focus words" will help you locate phrases that contain a specific word. If you want to develop lessons for teaching expressions that contain the names of basic body parts, for example, you'll find over 20 expressions containing the focus words eye, mouth, and nose and over 50 containing the word face. No "phrase book" on the market includes as many idioms, proverbs, and common expressions as The Expressionary.

The Expressionary: The Ultimate Dictionary Companion for Idioms, Everyday Phrases, and Proverbs

 Author: Mark Schmidek     Product No: #49101 

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