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Situation Communication, 19 Situation Communication Game, 19 Skill Booster Series, 74 Social Skills at Work, 45 Solve the Problem, 17 Sound Adventure, 62 Sound Awareness Workout, 34 Sound Excitement, 64 Sound Funtastics, 66 Sound Out Chapter Books, 74 Sourcebook for Speech and Language Assessment, 85 Sourcebook of Apraxia Remediation Activities, 55 Sourcebook of Materials for Articulation Therapy (SMART), 63 Spanish Articulation Measures (SAM), 82 Spanish Articulation Picture Cards, 77 Spanish Articulation Picture Resource, 79 Spanish Language Assessment Procedures, 82 Spanish Test for Assessing Morphologic Production (STAMP), 83 Special Education Teacher’s Intervention Resource, 53 Special Educator’s Survival Guide, 73 Speech and Language Checklists Plus, 45 Speech Disorders Resource Guide for Preschool Children, 64 Speech Funtastics for the R Sound, 65 Speech Game Gallery, 63 Speech-Language Pathologist’s Intervention Resource, 4 Speech Note Pads, 64 Standardized Reading Inventory, 87 Starblaster Language Development Game, 40 Stories for Oral Language Development, 16 StoryBLASTER Picture Cards, 15 StoryBLASTERS, 15 StoryBLASTERS for Articulation and Phonology, 62 Story Construction, 16 Story Sequencing Activity Resource, 14 Story Wizard Language Games, 38 Strategies for Adolescent Vocabulary Expansion (SAVE), 50 Stuttering in the Classroom, 67 Stuttering Severity Instrument, 90 Super VERBingo, 43 Talk About Absurdities, 30 Talk About Causes and Consequences, 30 Talk About Fun, 36 Talk About Similarities and Differences, 30 Talk About Stories in English and Spanish, 80 Teaching Basic Spatial Concepts CD, 29 Teaching Second Language Learners with Learning Disabilities, 80 Teaching Spanish Speech Sounds, 79 Test of Adolescent/Adult Word Finding (TAWF-2), 87 Test of Adolescent and Adult Language (TOAL-4), 89 Test of Auditory Processing Skills (TAPS-4), 89 Test of Auditory Processing Skills (TAPS-3: SBE)- Spanish Bilingual Edition, 89 Test of Childhood Stuttering, 90 Test of Early Communication and Emerging Language (TECEL), 95 Test of Early Language Development (TELD-4)-, 88 Tests of Language Development (TOLD), 93 Test of Narrative Language (TNL-2), 95 Test of Phonological Awareness - 2 Plus, 88 Test of Phonological Awareness - Spanish, 83 Test of Pragmatic Language (TOPL-2), 91 Test of Word Finding (TWF-3), 87 Test of Written Language (TOWL-4), 87 Think-A-Sentence Language Challenge, 25 Think, Compare, and Explain, 15 Thinking Adventures for the Adolescent Language Curriculum, 51 Thinking Fun Games for Language, 28 Thinking Lessons for Language Learners, 45 Thinking Power, 48 TLC Skill Builders, 70 Toddler Talk, 32 Tom and Ricky Mysteries, 72 Trade Route Explorers, 73 Try to Explain, 36 Understanding Stuttering, 68 Unusual Events, 72 Using ; Technology to Meet Literacy Standards, 57 Using Your Best Voice, 68 Verbal Problem-Solving in Social Situations, 49 Vocabulary and More, 74 Vocabulary Builders for Adolescents with Special Needs, 7 Vocabulary Builders for Daily Living, 38 Vocabulary Builders for Special Learners, 38 Vocabulary of Community and Living, 62 Vocabulary Venture, 41 Vocabulary Workouts, 48 Voice Disorders in the Classroom, 67 Volcano Island, 41 Watch Me- I’m Signing, 60 What Do You Say?, 10 Word Collages, 31 Word Construction, 34 Word Retrieval Exercises for Adolescents and Adults, 55 Word Retrieval Exercises for Children, 54 Word Win, 52 Workbook for Language and Cognitive Development, 32 Workbook for Vocabulary and Verbal Reasoning, 6 Workouts for Language and Thinking Skills, 6 World’s Best Speech Awards, 58 Write Starters, 71 Language Stimulation Activities for the Home Help parents stimulate language development at home with these creatively illustrated parent handouts. Common activities such as going shopping, cooking dinner, looking at picture books, and driving around town are excellent contexts for parents to provide their children with meaningful language development activities. The activities are suitable for children between 3 and 8 years of age. There are five activity sheets and you receive 50 copies of each. #4929-C23 Language Stimulation Activities for the Home $31.00 INDEX 97 TOLL-FREE Telephone Orders: (888) 758-9558 Imagine What You Can Be! Elayne Roberts and Nancy Klann Ages 6 through 11 Help children improve oral or written language expression as they imagine themselves in roles as pilots, underwater explorers, rodeo riders, and other exciting occupations. Students create their own adventures related to the occupations and record them in journals of their daily experiences. Reproducible worksheets are included. #4984-C23 Imagine What You Can Be $30.00 Academic Communication Associates Publication Center, Dept. C23 P. O. Box 4279 Oceanside, California 92052-4279