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ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENTS 95 TOLL-FREE Telephone Orders: (888) 758-9558 Quick Assessment for Aphasia Dennis C. Tanner, Ph.D. Northern Arizona University and William Culbertson, Ph.D. Northern Arizona University Quick Assessments for Neurogenic Communication Disorders when you order all four Quick Assessments! SAVE $24.00 Dennis Tanner and William Culbertson Use these handy tools to assess adolescents and adults with neurogenic communication disorders. Separate instruments are available for aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria, and dysphagia. The Quick Assessments are informal tools that provide descriptive information about specific behaviors related to the disorder. The Quick Assessment for Aphasia includes stimulus materials and informal tasks for assessing auditory comprehension, verbal expression, reading, writing, and math skills in adolescents and adults with aphasia. Basic skills such as verbal labeling, answering questions, giving basic information, and general conversation are assessed. The instrument can generally be administered in under 20 minutes. The assessments for dysarthria, apraxia, and dysphagia each includes a short instruction booklet and 50 record forms with task items that can be used to identify problems commonly observed in patients. These are informal assessment tools rather than norm-referenced “tests.” #40010-C23 Complete Aphasia Kit $51.00 #40012-C23 Aphasia forms (50) $25.00 #40013-C23 Complete Dysphagia Kit $41.00 #40006-C23 Complete Apraxia Kit $41.00 #40003-C23 Complete Dysarthria Kit $41.00 #40016-C23 All Four Assessments $150.00 Test of Early Communication and Emerging Language (TECEL) Mary Blake Huer and Linda Miller Ages: Children or adults with a developmental language age below 24 months . This test is an updated and expanded version of the Nonspeech Test. It can be used with both verbal and nonverbal respondents, including individuals who communicate by means other than speech. The kit includes full-color illustrations and all of the objects necessary to administer the test. Information can be obtained by interview or direct observation. The Informal Assessment and Intervention Plan helps users to develop appropriate goals. Test of Early Communication and Emerging Language (TECEL) #22640-C23 TECEL Complete Kit $312.00 Test of Narrative Language -2 (TNL-2) Ronald Gilliam and Nils Pearson Ages 5-0 to 15-11 The 2017 revision test measures how well children use language in narrative discourse and how well they answer literal and inferential comprehension questions. Children are asked to retell stories and to create their own stories. This edition includes better illustrations and new test items. The TNL-2 examines three narrative formats: (1) No Picture cues, (2) Single Picture Cues, and (3) Sequential Picture Cues. The three formats yield standard scores, percentile ranks, and an overall standard score called the Index of Narrative Language Ability. Test of Narrative Language -2 #21138-C23 TNL-2 Complete Kit $217.00 #21140-C23 TNL-2 Record Booklets (25) $64.00