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ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENTS 93 TOLL-FREE Telephone Orders: (888) 758-9558 TOLD-P:5 - Primary Phyllis L. Newcomer and Donald D. Hammill The new 2019 edition of this norm-referenced test, now available in is designed to measure receptive and expressive language abilities in children 4-0 to 8-11 years of age. The individual subtests are Picture Vocabulary, Relational Vocabulary, Oral Vocabulary, Syntactic Understanding, Sentence Imitation, Morphological Completion, Word Articulation, Word Discrimination, Relational Vocabulary, and Word Analysis (segmenting words into phonemic units). Test results can be converted to standard scores, percentiles, and age equivalents. The test is easy to administer and score. New norms and new studies are among the features of the new edition. TOLD-P:5 - Primary #2010N-C23 TOLD-P:5 Complete Kit (Primary) $436.00 #20101N-C23 TOLD P:5 Record Forms (25) $120.00 TOLD-I:5 - Intermediate Phyllis L. Newcomer and Donald D. Hammill This norm-referenced test measures the spoken language abilities of children between 8-0 and 17-11 years of age. The five subtests measure the child’s ability to construct sentences (Sentence Combining), understand vocabulary (Picture Vocabulary), order words (Word Ordering), understand abstract relationships (Relational Vocabulary), recognize grammatical sentences (Morphological Comprehension), and give more than one meaning for words (Multiple Meanings). The instrument was standardized on over 1,000 children. The 2019 edition includes extensive research to demonstrate test validity and to show that the test has limited bias in regard to gender, race, or ethnicity. TOLD-I:5 - Intermediate #2100N-C23 TOLD I:5 Complete Kit (INTERMEDIATE) $307.00 #21011N-C23 TOLD I:5 Record Forms (25) $87.00 Tests of Language Development – NEWEST Editions! Functional Language Assessment and Intervention Sourcebook Larry J. Mattes This book is a collection of reproducible assessment tools and language intervention resources that can be used to develop instructional programs for children or adults with severe communication disorders. The materials are designed primarily for individuals 5 years of age and up who are functioning significantly below kindergarten level in their development of basic communication skills. The resource will be especially valuable to speech-language pathologists and special education teachers who provide instructional services for students with developmental disabilities, autism, hearing impairments, or severe attention deficits. The book includes checklists, short criterion-referenced vocabulary measures, and a variety of informal language assessment tools that can be helpful in identifying specific problems in vocabulary, sentence structure, or the pragmatic uses of language. Measures that can be used in assessing bilingual students with severe communication disorders are also included. The resources in this book will be helpful in selecting instructional objectives for students and in monitoring progress. A CD with the reproducible pages from the book is available. Functional Language Assessment and Intervention Sourcebook #48000-C23 Book $48.00 #48000BCD-C23 Book and CD $63.00 Includes developmental language checklists, observational assessment tools for autism, basic vocabulary assessment tools, and MORE!